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“This guy (William Pleasent) traded me his turn tables and mixer for two years of free hair cuts”

Over the last few thousand years, those individuals who elevated the task of hair styling into an artform did so by assessing the situation before them and performing in a manner that would ensure satisfaction by the end of it; they also knew when to cut and how much. It becomes, then, about an attitude and the skillset to manifest it. Alas, the same can be said for those who cherish the craft of DJing.


“When I saw AM it was confirmation that my dream could become reality”

Hailing from Charlotte NC, Dwayne “Rowshay” Linens is one of the few who is able to grasp the concept described above, as he has caught the spotlight in both arenas. After a pursuit to excel among his fellow stylists, a new passion for spinning records was awakened after witnessing a performance from the late great DJ AM, and the same work ethic that garnered him notice within the salons soon had a similar effect within the burgeoning nightlife industry of America’s second largest financial epicenter.


“It’s too many to remember but i bet you’ve heard of and listened to them”

As one of Queen City’s go-to guys, Rowshay has made a name for himself beyond those boundaries, serving as the resident DJ in its most notable nightclubs, supporting major musical acts, and producing/supplying unique edits and remixes utilized by many of today’s most popular disc jocks. His finely-honed understanding of turntables and his vast knowledge of music genres ensure that anyone willing to cut him a check will find themselves impressed -- let alone satisfied -- as he is capable of rocking it with the hood, hipsters and the yuppies alike, from the boondocks to the beach docks and beyond.


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